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Foto der Band Snuff

Originally formed in N.W. London 1986 as a three piece, Duncan Redmonds on drums and vocals, Simon Wells on guitar and vocals and Andrew Crighton on bass who sadly died in 1999. R.I.P.

Things really took off for Snuff when John Peel booked them for a BBC session after seeing them play at the Sir George Robey in Finsbury park, London. Snuff released their first 7'single ‘Not Listening’ on Workers playtime, followed by a full length album known for short as "Snuff said". The next couple years consisted of a lot of touring, (East Berlin, Poland the USA two trips to Japan). Also more releases, 1989’s mini album of covers "Flibbiddydibbidydob" with the addition of Dave Redmonds on Trombone. The second full LP "Reach" 1991 saw more touring before the band folded and called it a day with a gig at the National ballroom, Kilburn in August 15.

Summer 1994 and Duncan, Simon and Andy reformed the band, Dave still on trombone and this time adding Lee Murphy on Hammond organ. At first the band intended on a name change and played under various names before Fat Mike persuaded the band to return to the original name Snuff. A year later, Simon left and was replaced on guitar by the then roadie Loz Wong. This line up then recorded "Demamussabebonk" and set off on tour including the UK, Europe and the US. Another line-up change occurs when at the end of 1996, Andy leaves and is replaced by Jools from Guns N Wankers until a full time replacement is found in Lee Erinmez, (then Batsford).

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